The defense sector in the new fifa 15 coins

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Many players complain about a certain difficulty in the defense sector in the
new fifa 15 coins
- and they are right. In part, this seems to be due to a little attention from
EA Sports this specific aspect of the game. While the attack sector was
reinforced with a dribbling system that provides ever more unpredictable and
more familiar in control of the ball, the defense still seems something
untouchable. As a result, it is now more difficult to work on this aspect of the

The good news, especially if you play online, is that we are all in the same
boat, and even if the defense is more difficult, you can still put on a good
defensive barrier, without necessarily resurrect the famous "bus" Mourinho
(although in some cases it is really necessary). This article therefore aims to
share some tips and advice that can help to improve your defensive game,
although you'll need a little 'patience and practice.

In FIFA 12, fifa 15 ps4 coins had implemented one of
the most courageous changes ever seen in his famous football simulator: it has
completely renewed the defense system and its mechanics. Before then, the
defense did not constitute an action that required great care and skill. Any
player with a basic knowledge of mechanics and controls, could work in defense
without major problems. First, in fact, was the quality of the athletes in the
field to determine the success or failure of a given plating.

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