Commemoration of Rev D-r Martin Luther King, Jr - One Man's Struggles

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Watching the party of the life and legacy of the beloved, late and sorely missed Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. on Monday 2-1 January 2008, I was struck not just by the tributes to his long suffering family and D-r King, but additionally the praise of Governor Mike Huckabee, Republican, by U. S. President Bill Clinton, Democrat.

Particularly in light of Bill Clinton's public melt downs concerning Hillary Clinton presidential competitors in recent days, I thought his public identification of Mike Huckabee as 'an excellent man' was most grateful. President Bill Clinton was quick to point out, but, that Huckabee and he did not agree with much politically.

There's a greater brotherhood between the two men as both were increased in the bastion of the Southern Baptist religion. Learn further about - User 3956438 by browsing our witty use with. Completely disclosure, the Tennessee Mountain Man demonstrably springs from your same well. Dig up further about thumbnail by browsing our surprising website. I am glad to see that Mike Huckabee promises not to be angry at any human body about this which is probably greater than the Computer Man and Bill Clinton can say.

Having that little tid bit out of the way... This poetic web address essay has diverse unique cautions for the meaning behind it. it is perhaps not from the way. It is never, it can never be from the way. Growing up in a few religious groups with the invasion of the real world marks one for a lifetime. It leaves many with no power to accept any compliment or enjoy any aspects of life as a grown-up. For example, yours certainly missed many comments of-the President immediately following the language 'good guy', as forcing it is way in to my mind like a roaring train at full throttle was, 'there's nothing good, no not one.' Why couldn't I only take what he'd said?

Since the camera panned to Governor Huckabee who nodded his head in acknowledgement and understanding of the President's opinion, my tired mind raced to 'he has just obtained his eternal reward.'

Needless to say we were warned never to be judgmental since, says the Holy Bible, with what judgment you judge you'll be judged. At the same time a saint with a dress to the ground and sleeves to the hands, carrying simply no constitute and sporting a huge bun on top of her head stands looking down her nose at everyone while she trashes the girl next door and the preacher to anyone who'll hear.

Since those days I have visited many Christian denomination and several non-denominational churches. I was, at some time, the youngest ever licensed minister of the Southern Baptist Association at the tender age of 12. Like Governor Mike Huckabee, I'm an ordained Minister (non-denominational) of The Gospel... the Good News. I have served as a Chaplain in drug and alcohol recovery facilities and half-way houses, and I'm still haunted by the promise of John 3:16 followed by the churches fervor to get everybody 'saved' while over whelming them with the thought that no-one will heaven except the speaker.

Doctor King was a Southern Baptist Minister and co-pastor of the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia, but he may not have realized what I'm talking about here. I've been a co-pastor in a predominantly African American Church and have been a touring revivalist/evangelist with a Black Minister, and it's been my observation that black people enjoy living and their walk with God a lot more than guilt ridden white folk do. Get more about leemcfarlandjudge's Profile | Armor Games by browsing our offensive link. Perhaps greens understand God in a way white people can't. Maybe they trust God to be their righteousness while white people try to work out their very own righteousness. Or, maybe they trust and just find a loving, forgiving, therapeutic and restoring God that white males find self contradictory, bi-polar, and judgmental dropping around trying to find you doing something wrong so He can warp you on the head with whatever is useful.

I recall one elderly pastor who addressing the congregation one Sunday m
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